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Volkswagen Vw T4 Seat Swivel Pre 96

Van seat swivel bases for Volkswagen VW T4 pre. 96. Dimensions 426 x 404mm. The Volkswagen VW T4 turntable or swivel seat is a must in any camper van as it gives more space to the rear by simply turning a single seat around to face the rear section of the camper van. The Volkswagen VW T4 seat swivels are easy to fit with only basic knowledge and tools required. If in any doubt please contact a local garage for fitting. Fitting Guide click here.

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As a safety critical item seat swivels are CE approved for peace of mind. You only find out how good your seat swivel is when you survive to tell the tale. Build quality of seat swivels is imperative, as it has to meet or exceed the strength of the vehicle manufactures design criterion for seat & seat belt mountings. Short cutting in this area is unsafe and unwise. Within the FASP, CTA and MAPA ranges are swivels engineered to the highest automotive standards to meet or exceed the requirements of the Original Vehicle Manufacturer. The swivels are fabricated from heavy gauge steel & swivel around a large central pivot. The swivel plates sandwich a special self lubricating nylon wear plate thereby making the swivel virtually maintenance free. Fixing bolts are not supplied with FASP swivels; use the equivalent or stronger bolts to the same design as the bolts installed by vehicle manufacturer. The strength rating is usually stamped into the head of the bolt (8.8, 10.2 or 12) as well as the size (M8, M10, etc.) please ensure you use suitable bolts. CE certification standards (a) TESTED and APPROVED according to CEE 96/38 & or 2005/41/CE. (b) HOMOLOGATED according to CEE 96/37 – 96/38. SEAT SWIVEL INSTALLATION GUIDANCE For most installations the seat swivel will be installed onto the seat box with the seat and seat runners on top of the swivel. Firstly where fitted remove the seat belt from the anchor point on rear end of seat slide. Then remove the four or six bolts holding seat to sliders and retain. Now remove the four or six bolts holding sliders to seat box and retain. Purchase from the vehicle manufacturers main dealer four or six bolts to the same strength specification as the ones removed from the seats. Bolt the swivel onto the seat box with the original bolts used. Now bolt the seat slides onto the top plate of the swivel using the new bolts purchased. Next bolt the seat back onto the seat slides using the original bolts. Finally re fit the seat belt to its anchor point if removed. For some applications it will be the case that the swivel is installed between the sliders and the seat. This will be evident by the bolt hole.

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Manufacturer: FASP CTA MAPA

Product Code: SWVL4R

Right Hand Volkswagen VW T4 swivel Seat pre 96.



Product Code: SWVL4L

Left Hand Volkswagen VW T4 swivel Seat pre 96.




1 set of High Tensile Bolts for fitting 1 Seat swivel



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