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Gas & Warning Alarms High Specification

The KombiAlarm Compact our most popular unit, is designed for Caravans and Motorhomes and Truck cabs.

Where the installation of a one sensor unit is sufficient to detect gas and KO-gas. The unit is an easy to fit self-contained unit housed in a neat robust casing. Size H 90mm x W 115mm x D 30mm.

Specifications of KombiAlarm

  • Operating Voltage 12 Volts DC
  • Consumption Standby 90 mA
  • Consumption Alarm 145 mA
  • Consumption extra sensor 60 mA
  • Electronic siren loudmess 85 dB (A) / 3 m
  • Sensor Thresholds Gas
  • Butane 0.4%
  • Propane 0.5%
  • Methane 0.8%
  • Sensor Thresholds KO gas
  • Anaesthetic 100 ppm

Gas warning systems protect lives and health by monitoring the atmosphere inside any enclosed space and triggering optical & acoustic alarms, as soon as the concentration of the gas that is being monitored exceeds the preset threshold level. Our gas warning systems are based on semiconductor sensors that have proved themselves over many years of reliable operation. KombiAlarm is the ultimate in gas safety warning alarms. KOMBIALARM COMBINED GAS AND KO-GAS WARNING SYSTEM. The KOMBIALARM is a self-sufficient warning system with a built-in sensor and an audible and visual alarm-signalling unit. It is equipped with a specially designed sensor that enables the system to work as a gas and KO-gas alarm system at the same time. When gas is detected a loud buzzer sounds to deter intruders and wake the occupants. The KOMBIALARM detects even the smallest concentrations of KO-gas before it is able to display its intoxicating effect on the passengers and disables their ability to react. The threshold for butane, propane and methane lies well below the igniting point (when the concentration turns volatile) of the gas. Another special feature is the systems relatively low power consumption. After a short warm-up period the alarm is ready for use as the sensor threshold settings are fully automated. LED’s indicate power ON, alarm and fault conditions. Operates on 12 Volt DC supply. Area of use: Boats, Caravans, Motorhomes, Holiday homes, Truck cabs KMBCMP KOMBIALARM COMPACT.

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Manufacturer: KOMBI ALARM

Product Code: KMBCMP


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